About Our Picture Framing Services

The picture frame, along with it's acid free mount, is intended to protect and complement the art. Works framed will stay in good condition for a longer period of time.

Art framed at Australian Natural Timber Framing may contain a pain of picture framing glass or acrylic which has a higher UV protection to protect your photos, prints, paintings etc.

Glass is common over water colours and other artwork on paper, but rare over oil paintings, except very valuable ones. Picture framing glass may be treated with anti reflective coating to make the glass virtually invisible under certain lighting conditions. UV filters may be added to slow down the degredation.

For pieces to be framed under glass, except for the most inexpensive posters, the glass must be raised off the surface of the art. This is done using matting or shadowboxing. If the art where to touch the glass directly, any condensation inside the glass would absorb directly into the art. This is harmful to almost any medium. It causes art sticking to the glass, causing mildew or mould spore growth.

Raising the glass is also necessary to prevent smudging when a piece is done in a loose medium such as charcoal or pastels. It also needs to be raised if acrylic is used as a static charge can build up, which will attract the pigments particles off the paper.

We frame for:
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Art Prizes
No job is too big or small; we have state of the art equipment and access to materials to complete any job.